Here is a list of my upcoming and previous talks.

2019-06-29 SQL Saturday, Cork

Training a large-scale recommendation engine on SQL Server 2019 BDC (Event)

2019-05-16 Data Analytics Day, Microsoft, Dublin

Process Data on Distributed Systems (Slides)

2017-10-27 Jazoon Conference, Zurich

Run Deep Learning Models in the Browser with JavaScript and ConvNetJS (Event, Slides, Video)

2017-09-26 Vienna Data Science Meetup

Distributed Machine Learning on Apache Hive (Event, Slides)

2016-10-18 Hadoop User Group Vienna

Large Scale Geo Processing on Hadoop (Event, Slides)

2016-09-22 Vienna Deep Learning Meetup

Going Deeper with GoogLeNet and CaffeJS - Deep Learning in the Browser (Event, Slides)

2016-06-29 Vienna Computer Vision Meetup

ConvNetJS & CaffeJS - Deep Learning in the Browser (Event, Slides, Summary)

2016-06-15 Vienna Data Science Meetup

Scheduling GraphX on Hadoop/YARN using Oozie (Event, Slides)

2016-05-25 ViennaJS Meetup

ConvNetJS - Deep Learning in the Browser (Event, Slides, Video)

2016-03-10 AngularJS Vienna Meetup

Directives for Data-Driven Visualization using TypeScript, AngularJS and D3.js (Event, Slides)

2015-10-28 ViennaJS Meetup

D3.js - Data driven visualizations (Event, Slides, Video)