Hi, my name is Christoph Körner and I am a passionate software engineer, author and community addict. Here is everything you need to know about me.

  • Master Student in Computer Science (Visual Computing) at Vienna University of Technology focusing on Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Graphics

  • Data Scientist at T-Mobile Austria where I build large-scale unsupervised machine learning models

  • CTO of the Swiss startup company GESIM where we develop simulations to increase utilization (thus decrease costs and CO2-emissions) of big buildings such as universities, schools and office buildings

  • Author of the book Interactive data visualizations with AngularJS and D3 published by Packt Publishing in early 2015, Bestseller Q2 2015

  • Author of the book Learning Responsive Data Visualization published by Packt Publishing in early 2016

  • Organizer of the ViennaKaggle Meetup in collaboration with Ben Freundorfer and active Speaker at many other Meetups in Vienna (ViennaJS, AngularJS, Computer Vision, Spark, Deep Learning, Hadoop User Group, etc.)

  • Author of CaffeJS, a JavaScript library to run pre-trained Caffe models in the browser built with Typescript on top of ConvNetJS

  • Collaborator of n3-charts, a responsive and interactive chart library built with Typescript and AngularJS on top of D3.js in collaboration with Sébastien Fragnaud

Check out my other open source projects in the projects section.

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